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3 Ways Virtual Reality is Changing Commercial Real Estate

Virtual reality (VR) is expected to make a $15.6 Billion impact on the economy in 2020, so it’s safe to say that this is less of a trend and more of a future way of life. Just as most technology and visual media disruptions have historically impacted commercial real estate – VR is no exception. Here are three ways virtual reality is impacting CRE the most! Virtual reality lets you see a space before it’s even made. Whether you’re turning a demolished pile of rubble into a luxury apartment building, a…

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NAI Martens Represents Sale of Farm Credit Bank Building

For Immediate Release   Contact:            Andrew Braun 316.847.4913   NAI Martens Represents Sale of Farm Credit Bank Building   WICHITA, KS – August 17, 2017– NAI Martens announced Thursday that it brokered the sale of the Farm Credit Bank Building. Kris Wessel and Grant Glasgow of NAI Martens represented the buyer, while Tom Johnson, also of Martens, represented the seller. Delano Investment LLC, a partnership between BirdsEye Holdings and  Murfin Inc., purchased the 257,364-square-foot building, located at 245 N. Waco, from CoBank, part of the Farm Credit System based…

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Scott Salome, SIOR Represents Lubrication Engineers in purchase of land for corporate headquarters.

BY CARRIE RENGERS   Lubrication Engineers is building a new office for its executives at 13207 W. 21st St. in the Office Park at Eberly Farm. The company “sees growth in west Wichita and thought that the site would be a great site to put an office on,” says president and CEO Scott Schwindaman. There’s another reason, though Schwindaman is hesitant to say it. “I really don’t want to say because it’s closer to my house,” he says with a laugh. Truthfully, though, it is.  “It’s closer to all of us,” he…

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The Grocery Anchor: Saving America’s Shopping Centers?

NAI Global put together this look at the future of shopping centers and we wanted to share it with you. There is a saying that goes something like “a smart sailor doesn’t fight against the winds, he uses them to his advantage.”  Which, as cliché as it might sound, it’s a saying that conveys the attitude needed to successfully navigate change. The idea of grocery stores becoming shopping center anchors is something that’s been happening for the past few years, it’s a growing trend. It may seem a little crazy,…

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Will this office trend revolutionize the way we monetize extra space?

NAI Global took a look at a new trend for using excess space, we thought it was interesting and wanted to share it. The office industry is feeling the effects of a new trend: non-traditional real estate spaces that are proving to be a major disruptor. These spaces offer several variants of niche-y uses: temporary meeting space, event spaces, and conference rooms that would otherwise have been leased or rented through a landlord. Other variations on this theme include coffee shops with meeting rooms and local restaurants that open their doors…

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Union Station: A Booming Development with a Historic Past

With Faneuil announcing that they will bring as many as 500 jobs to Wichita by next year, there is a lot of excitement around Union Station.  Brad Warzeka of 360 Wichita put together this article on the history of Union Station and what the history holds for this Wichita landmark. There’s quite a history behind what’s now known as Union Station located at 701 E. Douglas in Wichita’s historic Old Town. To appreciate the building and the area’s recent growth and development, it’s important to understand its past. It All…

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