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These International Retailers Are Looking to the U.S.

International retailers are drooling over the opportunity in American retail. We’ve seen many fast-casual chains and grocery stores make headlines for making their way across the pond, and now retailers are following suit. Here are three retailers we’re betting are bound for disruption. KidZania Self-described as an “experimental learning center” the retailer is “capitalizing on the global trend of educational entertainment, KidZania will establish new ventures in Dallas and Chicago, building on an existing network of locations in 24 major cities worldwide,” according to their press release. “‘At KidZania, we…

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Just Sold 

JUST SOLD – Former Days Inn Motel

NAI Martens is proud to announce the sale of the former Days Inn Motel in Pratt, KS. Troy Farha, Vice President of Retail and Investment with NAI Martens, represented the seller in the transaction. Farha brokered the sale of three hotel properties in 2017, including the Northrock Suites and Wichita Inn North. Farha has worked on a number of notable hospitality projects recently, including site selection for the new Best Western Plus West Lawrence, opening this fall, and representing the buyer of the site for the new Avid Hotel planned for…

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Q2 2018 Transactions Report

Another great quarter is in the books. We’re proud to present our second quarter transactions! Look inside to see all the sales and leases we took part in during the past quarter.   Q2 2018 Transactions Q2-2018 Transactions Report Having trouble viewing? Click here ABOUT NAI MARTENS NAI Martens is the largest full-service commercial real estate firm in Kansas. Founded in 1948 and headquartered in Wichita, NAI Martens provides a vast array of commercial real estate services throughout south-central Kansas and Topeka. NAI Martens is led by CEO Steve Martens,…

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CRE Trends Did you know? 

Industrial Properties See New Light

The Industrial Revolution truly revolutionized the United States, completely changing the face of the nation. With it, came large scale industrial buildings and warehouses — many of which would eventually become empty, vacated properties. Fast forward a couple hundred years, and whole the processes in those buildings have certainly changed, the buildings themselves are still pretty similar. Industrial spaces are still big and expansive, often making them difficult or nearly impossible for another business to come in behind them and fill the same space. This is where adaptive reuse comes…

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CRE Trends 

5 Great Cities for Small Businesses

Small businesses continue to thrive across America, acting as the nation’s backbone and supporting countless local economies. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this: Today, there are more than 5,000,000 companies in the United States — and more than three-fourths of them have fewer than 10 employees (U.S. Census Bureau). As such an important part of the American economy, it’s crucial to do everything you can to help ensure that your small business thrives in the face of competition. Part of that is your location. It’s true – some…

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CRE Trends Technology 

Are Bots Taking Over CRE?

  There have been plenty of stories circulating about how AI chatbots, or bots, are taking over  businesses and possibly even entire industries. But, until now, no one has really thought about how bot technology could impact and transform CRE. Robots, in some form or fashion, have already replaced humans in some jobs, from flipping burgers to assembling cars. But bots have no place in CRE, where human interaction is crucial and necessary… right? Think again. Technology, including bot technology, has found a new niche in the customer service area…

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CRE Trends 

Staying Relevant: How Retail is Keeping Brick and Mortar in the Game

It’s hard to turn on the news or read an article without seeing a headline about how grim things are for the retail industry right now. Thanks to online shopping and eCommerce giants, such as Amazon, retail sales are down and terms like “retail apocalypse” are being thrown about. But is the future of brick and mortar retail doomed? Are shopping malls really a thing of the past? We don’t think so — at least not entirely. The retail industry is evolving to keep up with consumer demands, and is…

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The Cloud Comes to CRE: How it’s Helping Agents Streamline Their Business

It’s official: just like so many other industries today, commercial real estate is going digital. The expansive capabilities of technology are continuously evolving and growing, and CRE is starting to innovate along the same lines. CRE professionals throughout the industry are turning to the cloud to both solve problems and to help increase their efficiency. Let’s take a closer look at 3 ways agents are using cloud based technologies to help streamline their business:   Online offices open 24/7 Historically speaking, CRE professionals haven’t had much of a choice but…

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Press Release 

NAI Martens Team Members Receive CCIM Scholarship Two Years in a Row

Marshall Johnson, currently an intern at NAI Martens for his second summer, was awarded the Layman L. Clark / Kansas CCIM Scholarship in Real Estate. Marshall Johnson is a senior at Wichita State and plans to earn a degree in finance with an emphasis in real estate next May. Johnson has worked at NAI Martens as both an appraisal and brokerage intern. “It’s really an honor to receive the Layman L. Clark / Kansas CCIM Chapter Scholarship,” Johnson said. “Some of the brightest minds in Wichita real estate came together…

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We know hotels. And we can help you.

Need help navigating the hotel market? NAI Martens has the experience, knowledge and connections necessary to help you. Investments in the hospitality industry such as hotel and resorts are unique due to the combination of real estate and business investment. Many attributes of a business are displayed together with a high capital outlay that is the norm in investment sales. Unlike standard properties, rentals of resort and hotel rooms have a short shelf life, as guests stay for as little as a day. Rental rates can also vary widely during…

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