5 Reasons Why Pop-Ups Are Super Trendy Right Now

“Here today, gone tomorrow”… this expression typically elicits feelings of nostalgia and a bit of sadness. However, when talking about the exciting new(ish) trend of pop-up shops, the expression generates buzz and excitement. For up and coming brands, in particular, setting up shop for a shorter period of time, rather than committing to a traditional, long term lease is an excellent wait to build brand awareness and acquire new customers.

While pop-up stores have been a popular avenue for retailers seeking to eschew the traditional brick and mortar store, the way consumers have reacted has taken pop-up shops from niche concept to proven market-building strategy.

In no particular order, here are 5 reasons why pop-ups are super trendy right now…

1) Let’s get physical

Let’s face it — there’s not much that gives you more of a rush than physically touching an item, falling in love with it, and then getting to take it home right away. Many shoppers report being more likely to shop from an online store if the brand also had a conveniently located physical store. In addition to being able to touch and feel items before purchasing, consumers also report enjoying the high level of customer service and attention that is typically present when shopping in person.

2) Up and coming brands can craft meaningful experiences

Especially for Millennials, the overall experience is an important aspect of the shopping process. Millennials place emphasis on the “doing” in a transaction (preferring experiences over stuff), so a pop-up shop makes perfect sense for their generation. A pop-up shop is the perfect opportunity for a company to create an overall experience with the brand — likely landing them loyal customers in the process.

3) Urgency sells

Ask anyone and they’re likely to tell you… urgency sells. How many times have you bought the last pair of jeans in your size because you just knew that someone else would come behind you and snatch them up? The same concept applies to pop-ups. That “here today, gone tomorrow” mantra is more than an intangible sentiment, it’s the literal truth. And pop-ups will certainly make sure you know that. They employ this classic, tried and true sales tactic on the regular — and with great results.

4) Pop-ups are agile

Pop-up shops, by their very nature, are innovative and agile. This agility is two-fold: both brandy agility and physical agility come into play here. Pop-ups innovate and change at lightning speed — much faster than traditional retailers are able to do. Beyond that, pop-ups are locationally agile. By only renting space for a short amount of time, these stores are able to pack up and move in regular intervals, giving new meaning to “go where your customers are.”

5) They’re a bit quirky

Lastly, one of the major components of the charm of pop-ups is that they’re a bit quirky. Younger audiences especially gravitate to unique brands and experiences — and few are able to deliver quite like a pop-up can. From the way retail merchandise is displayed to the marketing techniques used, most pop-ups are under less scrutiny than their traditional retail counterparts — something you can’t put a price tag on.


Pop-Ups: More Than Just a Store

The key takeaway here is that pop-ups are more than just a store or a sale. They are truly an experience to behold. It’s safe to say that with all this trend has going for it, it’s not likely to be going away anytime soon. What do you think?