Monday’s with Martens, May 15, 2017

Welcome to Monday’s with Martens. I’m Tom Johnson, President of NAI Martens, and I’m pleased to share with you another installment of our weekly informational update on Wichita and the commercial real estate market. 

You’ve run out of places to stash your old family room furniture, your high school sports trophies you can’t part with, Grandma’s wedding dress and those bulging boxes of tax records. What to do? Rent a 10-by-15-foot storage unit, for about $100 per month, and stick all the excess stuff in there. Even if your home doesn’t come with an attic, you have one now.

As commercial property goes, self-storage has none of the sex appeal of a gleaming office building or a ritzy shopping mall. There are more than 50,000 self-storage facilities in the U.S. where Americans keep the belongings that don’t fit into their homes. Self-storage is about as unassuming an industry as you can get, even though it is much more sophisticated and facility design is increasing more mainstream, it turns out to be a pretty solid investment – often better than other kinds of real estate.

Self Storage: The Best Performing REIT Sector.

Thanks for joining us today.

Tom Johnson, CRE

President of NAI Martens